About Us

Dovetail Software delivers web-based solutions and help desk programs that enable organizations to reduce administrative and support costs, diagnose and resolve complex business problems, increase efficiency, and improve employee and customer support.

Our HR Help Desk solution and products for Clarify users are flexible, easy to implement and maintain, and can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. We understand how customer service and employee support processes work, and we incorporate this knowledge and experience into our own software, processes, and structure when supporting our customers.

Dovetail is a privately held company, based in Austin, Texas.

Product Development

Dovetail’s product development process avoids the use of proprietary tools or database structures – it is based on proven development standards, and uses automated test suites to ensure the stability and performance of its applications. The net result to Dovetail customers is software that is easy to configure, implement, upgrade, and integrate with other applications.

Following Agile Development practices, Dovetail ships new product releases early and often, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of new features. Dovetail’s product teams are highly responsive to customer feature requests and feedback, capturing the voice of the customer.

What We Do

Our success through the years has been built on three fundamental objectives:

  1. Provide affordable solutions that are user-friendly and help our customers do their jobs better
  2. Continually improve our products based on evolving technology trends and customer needs
  3. Put the needs and success of our customers as our highest priority

Company History

Founded in 1996 as First Choice Software, Dovetail built a company focusing on delivering vast feature and function enhancements, in a seamless replacement install, for the Amdocs Clarify customer. Dovetail’s loyal customer base and Amdocs Clarify owners continue to enhance, expand, and replace their Clarify products using Dovetail’s extensive product offerings and support services.

Using our knowledge from nearly two decades of experience in customer service and support software and industry best practices, we expanded our product offerings to include HR solutions. Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite, our SaaS HR case management and help desk solution, assists companies of all sizes across a variety of industries, to effectively support employees and improve HR Service Delivery.