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QA Lead Job with DovetailJob Description

Dovetail Software is hiring a QA Lead. We’re looking for someone primarily with QA skills, but also additional skills to help with other tasks related to keeping quality and customer satisfaction high. The QA Lead will work closely with the app developers, support team, and operations towards these goals.

This will be a remote-work position.

About the Team

Dovetail software is an advanced and innovative software development shop. We’re building a software product line using modern practices and technologies such as:

Core Responsibilities



At least 5 years of experience in QA analysis and testing of software applications with a proven track record of developing and delivering successful test strategies

Our development methodology

We are an Agile/XP shop. We work in a continuously-improving pipeline mode, not iterations or long crushing release cycles. We have a collaborative, open communication relationship with our customers. We place an emphasis on usability and how people interact with our software. We write tests along with our functional code to clarify our design intentions. We automate whatever we can. We keep the build clean.

We run 10,000+ automated tests on every commit. We use AWS/EC2 to automatically scale out our build servers and we can run multiple concurrent builds on multiple branches quickly. Bug fixes get an automated test to pin down the problem and then the codefix. QA is embedded with and considered part of the dev team and there is direct and frequent communication and assistance both ways. There is no “wall” between dev and QA — quality is everyone’s responsibility.

We work in an environment that maximizes communication to minimize the volume of spec documents. We build software that can effectively respond to change. We use open source tools where appropriate, and proprietary tools where they make sense. We have executive support and visibility all the way up to the owner of the company.

Additional Information

Dovetail is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer & all of your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

To Apply

Send an email to with your resume/cv as an attachment or a link. We’d also love to see your github profile  as well as what industry organizations, meet-up groups, memberships & or social communities you participate in.

More About Dovetail

Dovetail Software is a leader in web-based HR Case Management software and Customer Support solutions that enable organizations to provide effective support for both employees and customers. Dovetail is an open, dynamic, and collaborative environment with a focus on innovation and creativity. We operate on the philosophy of “treat people right” and let our team of professionals do what we hired them to do:  build and sell industry-leading products.

We don’t punch clocks or micromanage redundant processes.  Dovetail is an open and relatively flat organization; where we challenge each other on a regular basis, keeping us all at the top of our professional game.  We have the nimble flexibility of a start-up … which means we have the visibility of one, too. When you do a great job, everyone notices; when you need help? We’re there to see that, too; and the open communication in our team helps keep us all on the right path.  We’re data-driven and gather as much data as we can before making decisions. We’re customer focused and spend a lot of time talking with our customers and making sure that we build stuff that helps them be more awesome.

We encourage continual learning and development.  We’re looking for people that believe learning and continuous improvement are primary responsibilities of someone involved in software development and quality.

What’s life at Dovetail like?  We could tell you a bunch of great reasons why you should come to work for Dovetail, but we’d rather let you hear it from the team.  Here’s what some of our team members had to say about why they like working at Dovetail Software:

Company & Team:

The people, I enjoy working with passionate learners who all challenge me everyday ~Ryan, Developer

Working with awesome people – lots of high end people on the team, dedicated to what they’re doing (not just keeping your head down) ~Chad, VP Engineering

I like that the team here takes the “do it right” approach, rather than the “get it done NOW and ship it NOW” approach. We challenge each other, and we’re all better for it. ~Aaron, Ops

One of Dovetail’s core competencies is the massive amount of automated regression testing done on every build. The entire team believes in quality gate principles and good development philosophies. The culture of the team is one of old fashion politeness. Working with genuine nice people really does make it so you can succeed with your project milestones, without having to play any corporate politics. ~Darrin, QA

The culture, everyone here is committed to a healthy work/life balance and that is really awesome ~Ryan, Development

I really like how we as a company contribute back to the community ~Dru, Development

I love the product I work on and the challenges we tackle as a team ~Brandon,



My team is trusted to make technical decisions instead of being forced into poor long term decisions for short term gains. ~Brandon, Development

Not a lot of red tape or roadblocks to get in the way of doing things right – a lot of freedom to choose the right solution without unreasonable constraints ~Chad, VP Engineering

I really appreciate the flexibility that this team gives me to choose what I want to focus and work on: I never feel pigeon-holed into a pre-defined “developer” slot.  If I see something that I could improve, I have the freedom to tackle it. ~Aaron, Ops



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