Press Release: Launch of the Dovetail Employee Portal

Dovetail Software Announces New Era for Digital HR –
The Dovetail Employee Portal

Dovetail Software announces the launch of the Dovetail Employee Portal, an out-of-the-box, fully configurable SaaS offering to complement the Dovetail Case Management and Dovetail Knowledge Management modules within the existing Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite framework.

The Dovetail Employee Portal provides a consumer-like communication channel between the HR team and employees by providing the following:

Transform Your Workplace

Digital Workplace Transformation has surged in 2016 and will continue to grow as companies place increased emphasis on customers being at the center of their operations and processes.

Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer states, “Forward looking, HR operation teams recognize the opportunity to enable and support their business with strategic investment in digital HR technology that not only engages their employees and managers, but ultimately drives the people enablement their businesses are striving for.”

“The Dovetail Employee Portal allows Dovetail customers to rapidly deploy a central people hub to connect with their workforce, and connect their workforce to the right content, business applications, and news most relevant to perform their duties at any given time” adds Kane.

Dovetail CEO, Stephen Lynn continues, “The Dovetail Employee Portal addresses the ongoing need for organizations to engage and stay connected with their employees. We understand the work required to retain quality employees – we will continue to develop and update products that benefit this effort.”

For more information, visit the Dovetail Employee Portal page.
Additionally, feel free to click here to request a detailed demonstration of the Portal or other Dovetail modules.

About Dovetail Software

Focused on HR and Employees, Dovetail Software delivers HR Technology that connects HR with their workforce. The Dovetail Employee Portal, HR Helpdesk, and Knowledge Management modules within the Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite deliver a rich and productive digital user experience to engage and enable your workforce.  Ignite your employee experience with HR through the Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite.

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