Bring the Power of your Clarify System to the Web


Agent-on-screen-newDovetail Agent brings the power of your Clarify system to the web, allowing your organization to scale quickly, increase productivity and improve flexibility. Agent uses your existing Clarify database, allowing you to avoid an expensive and time-consuming transition project. Back-end integrations stay in place, there is no data migration, and the core functionality, on which your company depends, remains the same.


Agent can be rolled out incrementally and in parallel to your Clarify Client without experiencing any hassles associated with data divergence, and users can transition to the new system in phases.


Agent’s UI has been updated with a clean new style that incorporates many of the usability features that have become standard in today’s popular web applications, allowing new users of the system to reach proficiency more quickly than ever.  The application enables a wide range of efficient customer support operations with the following core features:


  • Cases, Subcases, Solutions, Contacts, Sites, and Addresses
  • Log Notes, Log Email
  • Flashes
  • Attachments
  • Workflow Actions – Accept, Assign, Dispatch, Reject, Forward, Yank, Close, Reopen
  • Multi-select workflow operations from the console
  • Privilege Classes
  • Console Preview Pane
  • Efficient Search
  • Workgroup Open Items Count
  • Automated Password Reset



Clarify Compatibility and Co-Existence

Dovetail Agent is compatible with the following products and coexists with other Clarify applications – including the Clarify Classic Client:


  • Clarify 7 through Clarify 12.x
  • Amdocs 6.x
  • Amdocs 7.x


Dovetail Agent’s co-existence with other Clarify applications, including the Clarify Classic Client, enables organizations to rollout Dovetail Agent incrementally – without the typical “big bang” rollout. As Dovetail Agent is a front-end application, all existing back-end integrations continue to function without any changes.



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