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Gary Sherman
January 26, 2015

Like a lot of the work we do here at Dovetail, we try to deliver newer, cooler, better software, while still maintaining compatibility with Clarify as much as we can.

The commitments functionality in Dovetail Agent is a good example of this.

What is a commitment?

From the Clarify docs:

A commitment is a promise to perform some action by a certain time, such as a promise to call back a customer with a progress update. To keep track of this promise, you can make a commitment.

Some folks call them reminders, or ticklers.

New Commitments

Lets compare the new commitment form in Clarify vs. in Dovetail:

ccc.commitmens agent.commtment

Notice a couple

Gary Sherman
January 23, 2015

Within Dovetail Agent, we’ve replaced WIPbins  with tags. I wanted to explain a bit of the difference, and some of the reasons why we did so.

What’s a WIPbin?

Your WIPbins (Work In Process bins) contain the objects on which you have agreed to work (that is, objects you have accepted from a queue) or that have been assigned to you.

Think of WIPbins like folders that can be used to organize your work.


What’s a tag?

Wikipedia says:

In information systems, a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an Internet bookmark, digital image, or computer file). This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing

Gary Sherman
October 27, 2014

Back in 2010 I created a wiki for sharing Rulemanager knowledge that went along with some Rulemanager and Business Rule webinars that I was doing. logo

At the time, wikispaces was a great place to host a free wiki. They recently announced that they are no longer offering a free wiki option.

So, I’ve moved my rulemanager wiki to Github. You can now find it at


I really dig Github for being able to share and collaborate on projects. We use it internally for hosting our codebases, we use Github Issues for issue tracking, we use their wiki features, and gists for sharing code snippets.

In their own words: “GitHub is the

Gary Sherman
September 19, 2014

Here at Dovetail, we’ve evolved our use of group chat over the years. We used to use Campfire, then went to Hipchat, and now we use Slack.

Our dev and support teams are in Slack all day, and I find it much more enjoyable than email. I’ve noticed that the amount of email we deal with now is considerably less.

It’s integrated with Github, so we get notifications on Github issues and code commits.

And, of course, we post messages based on business rules from Clarify/Dovetail.  For example, a message is auto-posted when a case is dispatched and when it is accepted.


As a group, we often discuss a case to help the case owner get it resolved. And this discussion

Gary Sherman
September 11, 2014

One of our early products in the company was SCI – the Source Code Interface. From the docs:

The Source Code Interface provides tight integration between leading source control systems (Visual Source Safe, PVCS, and ClearCase) and  Clarify.

A simple GUI is provided to perform all of the source control operations from within Clarify.

Gotta love those leading source control systems  – Visual Source Safe, PVCS, and ClearCase! Well, I guess they were leading in 1998.

Couldn’t even think about returning to VSS after using Git.


Gary Sherman
September 10, 2014

I’ve seen a few questions come up recently about our Dovetail Support Center / SelfService portal, so I figured a post was in order.

Our portal vs. the app we sell

We have our Dovetail SelfService portal that we make available to our customers and community. And we sell a SelfService application.

Our Dovetail SelfService portal is basically an older, customized version of the SelfService application that we sell. It’s been customized to provide specific capabilities for our customers.

portal Public Access

If you’re not yet a Dovetail customer, there’s a number of things you can do:

Access the Clarify/Dovetail knowledgebase Search Browse recent articles Browse articles by product Subscribe to the

Gary Sherman
August 21, 2014

Tool Time was a tradition from the old Clarify user groups.
It was a chance to give away some cool tools, with a bit of Tim Allen shtick thrown in.
It started in 1995, vanished in 1999, and then we (as First Choice) resurrected it back in 2001 at our Connections user group for Clarify.

This was our 2001 Tool Time presentation. Notice that one of the presenters was our own Sam Tyson – who is still rockin’ it here at Dovetail today.


Gotta love those Office 2000 Powerpoint templates!

Gary Sherman
August 18, 2014

With the 5.6 release of Dovetail Agent we’ve really amped up the querying functionality.
This is a quick walkthrough of some of the new functionality.

Queries Page

Click on the Query list icon in the sidebar.
This takes you to your Queries page. From here you can:

View your existing queries Share, Delete, and Favorite queries View queries that you’ve subscribed to View queries that have been shared to you


Create It

Click on the green + icon on the My Queries tab header to start a new query
Now we can add our filters

Click on the + (Add Filter) button
Select Created from the Name

Gary Sherman
August 14, 2014

I stumbled across this recently.
It’s a presentation that our own Russ Resslhuber gave at the 1st Annual Clarify User Conference back in 1994.
That’s 20 years ago! Holy throwback!

Getting The Most From Business Rules


Gary Sherman
August 13, 2014

This week we released Dovetail Agent 5.6. Here’s a summary of what’s new in this version.


With this release, we’ve really amped up the querying functionality.  I’ll have another post soon that covers querying in more detail, but here’s a quick summary:

A new Queries page, allowing user to easily access My Queries, Subscriptions, and Shared Queries Easily create a new query from the Queries page Queries can now be shared to another user, to a workgroup, or to everyone Shared queries can be subscribed to, which indicates that it’s a query that you’re interested in. These are queries that you may run occasionally, but aren’t quite to the level of a favorite. Queries can now be starred/favorited. Favorite queries are queries that you run frequently, or want easily accessible. These show up in the left sidebar under the

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