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Gary Sherman
August 21, 2014

Tool Time was a tradition from the old Clarify user groups.
It was a chance to give away some cool tools, with a bit of Tim Allen shtick thrown in.
It started in 1995, vanished in 1999, and then we (as First Choice) resurrected it back in 2001 at our Connections user group for Clarify.

This was our 2001 Tool Time presentation. Notice that one of the presenters was our own Sam Tyson – who is still rockin’ it here at Dovetail today.


Gotta love those Office 2000 Powerpoint templates!

Gary Sherman
August 18, 2014

With the 5.6 release of Dovetail Agent we’ve really amped up the querying functionality.
This is a quick walkthrough of some of the new functionality.

Queries Page

Click on the Query list icon in the sidebar.
This takes you to your Queries page. From here you can:

View your existing queries Share, Delete, and Favorite queries View queries that you’ve subscribed to View queries that have been shared to you


Create It

Click on the green + icon on the My Queries tab header to start a new query
Now we can add our filters

Click on the + (Add Filter) button
Select Created from the Name

Gary Sherman
August 14, 2014

I stumbled across this recently.
It’s a presentation that our own Russ Resslhuber gave at the 1st Annual Clarify User Conference back in 1994.
That’s 20 years ago! Holy throwback!

Getting The Most From Business Rules


Gary Sherman
August 13, 2014

This week we released Dovetail Agent 5.6. Here’s a summary of what’s new in this version.


With this release, we’ve really amped up the querying functionality.  I’ll have another post soon that covers querying in more detail, but here’s a quick summary:

A new Queries page, allowing user to easily access My Queries, Subscriptions, and Shared Queries Easily create a new query from the Queries page Queries can now be shared to another user, to a workgroup, or to everyone Shared queries can be subscribed to, which indicates that it’s a query that you’re interested in. These are queries that you may run occasionally, but aren’t quite to the level of a favorite. Queries can now be starred/favorited. Favorite queries are queries that you run frequently, or want easily accessible. These show up in the left sidebar under the

Gary Sherman
August 7, 2014

Literature sheet for our BOLT product from back in 2001.  Thirteen years later, I still use that app daily.

Supports Windows NT 4!

Gary Sherman
August 4, 2014

A couple of years ago I posted about watching cases in Clarify / Dovetail. The idea is still a good one, and I’ve recently combined the idea of watching a case with the new tagging functionality that’s available in Dovetail Agent 5.


It’s not uncommon that we want to keep up with what’s going on with certain cases – specifically cases that are being worked by others.

For example, a high priority case for a new customer may have been recently created, and even though its being worked by someone else, I still want to keep abreast of what’s happening with it. Or perhaps the customer I’m going to visit next week has a case open that I want to stay in the loop on. Or I want to follow how one of my guys

Gary Sherman
July 31, 2014


Quite the change from our current website.

I don’t miss that scary witch’s finger.

Gary Sherman
June 12, 2014

Recently I was looking to put a report together that would track the total number of cases that are open on a daily basis, and graph that as a trend.

This is fairly tricky to do with baseline data. It would be easier if I had a query that ran every night and simply recorded the total number of open cases at that point in time. All I need is the count, not the actual data. Then I would have a set of records that I could build a report with.

My first thought was to create a simple script that would run the query, then set this up as a Scheduled Task to run nightly. Then I could store the results somewhere in the database.

Then I realized that this all sounded familiar – this is Trend

Gary Sherman
June 10, 2014

Google recently launched a Hangout start button that can be easily embedded within any app or website. From their post:

That’s why we recently launched a Hangout start button that can be embedded in any app or website. Whether you’re a sales rep working in a CRM app or an engineer in a project management tool, it only takes one click to launch a Hangout and your team will automatically be invited. You can even improve customer service with the ability to quickly launch into a video Hangout with a client to resolve an issue. (emphasis mine)

This is pretty slick.

There are a ton of remote support options out there, many that are expensive, and the integration with these can be pretty involved.

I like Google hangouts because it’s simple and free. And Google has made

Gary Sherman
June 4, 2014

FT Works recently posted In praise of the support scrum. In it, she discusses:

the joys of the support scrum (or huddle, or case review, as I usually call it)

A case review is a regularly-scheduled, structured meeting between support engineers designed to share difficult cases and exchange troubleshooting suggestions.matlab


Back when I was a Tech Support Engineer at The MathWorks  (where I first started using Clarify), we used to have these meetings. I forget exactly what we called them, but they were a great way to have a roundtable of senior engineers assisting us junior guys with difficult cases (i.e.  calculating the FFT of quaternions, dealing with endian conversions with floats on a VAX, etc.). Sometimes

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